Do you know what are the best Security Standards to leverage your company towards excellence in ITSM?

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When speaking about Security Standards, we usually have a pretty clear idea of the latest trends; tools and characteristics preferred by large corporations to protect their products and assets. We are familiar even with prices and other technical details.


However, we often have less clarity and direction when determining which product contains the security standards that benefit the most our company.


With the purpose of achieving that same clear vision on the most suitable security standards for your company; we bring you 4 questions that will brought them to light.


1. What are the critical points of your business security?

First of all, you have to do is to identify the critical points regarding security. In such regard, we have:


  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Compliance
  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Data protection


Following, and in order to measure every aspect, use a scale of values rather simple based on your observations: Is each one of these aspects high, good, fair or improvable?  At this point, the idea is to see the big picture and knowing what are you facing at.  Afterwards, you can go deeper into every aspect with more specialized scales.


2. On what resources you count?

On the other hand, we must be clear about the resources involved in the generation, handling and storage of our information. Among the highlights, we have:


  • Data. They are the backbone of the whole system. Data covers content, information, figures, names, relationships, formulas, etc. It’s simple the motor that drives our company.


  • Service applications. Take into consideration server and Cloud applications.


  • Technology or equipment. Include fixed and mobile devices.


  • Accomodations. Cover physical facilities, communication and technological equipment for service and communication.


  • Personnel. Take into account permanent staff, freelancers and especially, the outsourcing.



So far, we have only covered macro aspects that help us to operate as company, those that serve as canvas to deliver services and products. Now, we move to the questions that will help us to identify the Security Standards that best suit to our business model.


3. What type of threats menace the most to your company?

Equally important, you need to identify what are your strengths and weakness regarding security standards. With this mind, answer the following questions:


  • What types of online services do your company offer?

    First of all, information services must be aligned with our business strategies, size and functionality.


  • How do you deal with your wireless network security?

    Equally important, you need to answer how are there your security and access protocols to routers, passwords, etc? Also, do your IT Manager change them periodically? Are they really effective?


  • How do you handle your data and its origin?

    Same, all your data have to be easily identifiable, so that you can always know both, source and property.  In such manner, you avoid information leakage that endanger your assets and data.


  • Are you controlling your security platforms and intrusion detection systems?

    Also, you must ensure to cover  incidents from end to end, including prevention, detection and correction; while ensuring continuity and protection of your operations.


  • Do you have the ability to correlate security events?

    In terms of security standards, you need to count on systems or tools that allows you to properly monitor and act on incidents from different sources, types and areas. Only like this, you can match information that strengthens your defense systems, and improve correction over incidents.


  • Los mejores estándares de seguridad para tu compañía

    • Are your systems protected against viruses?

      Additionally, you need to upgrade your platforms with the latest versions of your antivirus. Otherwise, you take the risk that your systems aren’t protected enogh against attacks. To put it differently, remember: An outdated antivirus is almost as dangerous as not having antivirus at all.


    • How do you manage the use of mail and instant messaging?

      Every time you connect with instant messaging applications, you open a breach on your networks. The same happens when opening emails from sources different from your Intranet.


    • Do you run multimedia files in your networks?

      By the same token; videos, music, voice notes and even games can always carry malware that  may directly affect security.


    • Do you give enough importance to industrial espionage?

      Equally, protection of intellectual property and data has to be taken seriously. Also, you need to take your time for implementing tactics and security priorities regarding them.

    • How reliable are your transactions?

      Likewise, it is essential to oftenly check essential processes; and also monitor audit processes.


    • How much importance do you give to law enforcement?

      Finally, you need to have a team exclusively dedicated to monitor compliance with laws and regulations. Lately, this will enhance your services and leverage safety standards to protect your operations.



And speaking of laws…

leyes en seguridad digital

4. What laws, rules and regulations on security standards are applicable to our business?

Regarding to laws and regulations, and knowing why have they been created for; help us as consumers and as business people to protect against mishandling of sensitive information; and against possible leakage and data loss. Keeping in mind this is vital to maintain the integrity of our operations.


Surprisingly, many companies relegate this aspect; probably thinking that’s is not part of security.  When doing so, they neglect and compromise all their standards. In such regard, it’s more convenient to have comprehensive vision of their purpose; and fully understand that they were created to provide more robust security operations  for companies.


Correspondingly, we could add that standards, laws and safety regulations are essential to establish and implement controls that maintain, protect and value target compliance issues.


In the same order, there are software solutions available on the market grouped by the functions they offer to give solution to different targets.  Then, in order to ensure the highest security standards, there are solutions that focus on business aspects; some others with more emphasis on safety; and others that are mixed; this is to say, oriented to both business and data security, processes and IT systems.


Among the many available solutions, we strongly recommend Nessus SecurityCenter CV for Change Management, Identification Vulnerability; and AlientVault and LogrhRythm for Security Risk Assessment, Process Analysis and Information Events; Event Management and Information Security. As pointed out, each of them offer particular features that help you improve your security standards.


Check here our Premium Packages, our specialists in product and services are attentive to clarify all the doubts you may have on Security Standards. 


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