Genesis Rivas, Author at GB Advisors

Kill Chain Taxonomy: What is it about and how can it help you improve your cybersecurity?

kill chain taxonomy

It’s no secret that cyber-criminals are always looking for new ways to take hold of companies’ most sensitive assets. Undoubtedly, being in constant innovation even allows them to stay one step ahead of some top-of-the-line cybersecurity measures. However, although the channels they use may vary, their methodology maintains the same basis. That’s probably one of...

Nessus Pro vs. vs. Which vulnerability management solution should you choose?

vulnerability management solution

As time goes by, cyber-criminals are looking for new ways to get hold of companies’ most valuable information. It’s a mistake to believe them incapable of looking for more innovative ways to damage your most sensitive assets. A vulnerability management solution can help you protect them. You see, hackers are individuals with a deep knowledge of...

How to apply a result-driven Endpoint Security Strategy in your company (in just 5 simple steps)

seguridad de puntos finales

As we keep going along with the large shift that COVID-19 oblige companies to bear, things aren’t getting any easier on the cybersecurity spectrum. Today, more than ever, most companies demand to strengthen their endpoint security strategy. Besides what most famous security agencies in the world have said regarding the cyberattacks increase since the pandemic...

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