The competitive advantages of using collaboration software

The digital transformation of departmental processes offers multiple benefits. Certainly, hyper-connected environments increase productivity and reduce risks of a different nature. In this case, the implementation of collaboration software is one of the most intuitive resources for the synchronization of workplaces.

Moreover, office digitization goes beyond employee empowerment and business profitability. This allows you to maintain control over the macro performance of each department; as well as helping IT teams solve problems more easily and optimize front-desk experiences wisely.

In this article, we lay out key points of collaboration software and explore its main advantages.

What is collaboration software?

The collaboration software is a platform designed to improve teamwork. It helps those involved to achieve objectives, meet deadlines and improve the time invested in each task. For this reason, collaborative tools are especially useful in medium and large companies; mostly because communication gaps tend to be wider and offices more chaotic.

With collaboration software,  you can integrate all codependent departments. This translates into: reduction of waiting times, more organized paperwork and improvements of interdepartmental relationships. It also helps to improve the final customer’s perception of your company’s processes and gives project managers an overview of the activities under their responsibility.

On the other hand, IT departments can speed up their response to errors in systems and reach a better communication between developers, technicians and technology managers. In this way, it is possible to monitor the development of the entire network and accelerate the implementation of new technologies.

Characteristics of efficient software for cross-departmental work

Undoubtedly, the digital transformation of offices creates the perfect balance between employees’ autonomy and business management. For this to happen successfully in your company, you must choose a collaboration software that meets the following characteristics:

  • Flexible processes

Workflows are essential for project control. However, micromanagement can ruin your team performance. Therefore, the flexible processes, designed for the needs of each project, give the indepence to members to achieve objectives comfortably, without neglecting their work.

The collaborative platform should offer task progress monitoring. And at the same time, facilitate teamwork. This can be featured in chats, threads, workflows, dashboards, tags and file transfers.

  • User-friendly interface

A simple design, clean and easy to use. Collaboration software must maintain horizontality. Keep in mind that each department is staffed with professionals from different sectors, whom may not have the same technical level.

  • Real-time updates

The work teams must respond in a timely manner to each requirement. With good collaboration software, you can say goodbye to tedious meetings, inconclusive responses and lack of transparency in the organization’s processes.

  • Software customization

Your systems team must be able to integrate the software into the network of IT resources; such as CRM, customer engagement suites, marketing software and more. Likewise, it is essential to have a tool that could be modified or adapted to the technological needs of the company.

  • Organization

It should provide your project managers and technicians with the benefit of the organization. Keep all information in one place, sorted by event and with contextual data that accelerates the response time of the highest roles.

5 advantages of using collaboration software

Certainly, digital work environments increase ROI and improve the user experience considerably. However, collaborative platforms have other competitive advantages that favor the growth of companies.

These are some of them:

# 1 Agile Projects

Scrum, Kanban or XP. Collaboration software generates ideal environments for teamwork and the development of projects that require the integration of technologies, creativity, and scalability. It has dashboards that integrate chat rooms, task assignment, private messaging, notes and case updates.

This is especially useful for technology teams. Because it helps them to solve the inconveniences faster and reduces the downtime.

# 2 Compliance with SLA and other protocols

Maintain control over quality standards and promote standardization with efficient QAs. Unified platforms allow a clear view of all internal and end-user processes. Your managers and editors can collaborate with the rest of the department members to ensure compliance with protocols and Service Level Agreements.

It also helps to combat corruption within the company and to implement ethical practices in the workplace.

# 3 Productive employees with clear objectives

One of the most interesting aspects of working online is self-management and goal-focused models. Therefore, when companies begin to change their physical offices for digital environments, they see an improvement in the productivity of their employees.

They also perceive an optimal use of time and an increase in departmental satisfaction rates. The answer to these positive changes is simple: collaboration software helps distribute the workload equitably and reduces waiting times in cross-departmental procedures.


# 4 Holistic strategy execution

All processes within a company require an action plan. Especially when it comes to administration, marketing and sales. Supported by a collaborative platform, department heads can closely monitor the progress of their tactics and the workflow of their teams.

In this sense, notifications on the development of each procedure and constant communication play an essential role. These data allow you to take early actions to avoid inconvenience, obstacles and misguided strategies.

# 5 Satisfactory customer service

Serve your potential customers and buyers fluently. Collaboration software makes it possible to deal with each case independently and to create specialized working environments. You can create cross-departmental groups to attend special requirements, emergencies and consultations without generating delays that affect your profitability.

One of the most trusted collaboration software on the market is Freshconnect by Freshworks. It has an agreeable and intuitive design for the use of all the work teams in your company. In addition, you can integrate the softwer with other IT resources for customer service.

At GB Advisors we can offer you all the consultation you need for the digital transformation of your company. Contact us.

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