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implementar ITIL


implement ITIL

Timing is one of the fundamental differences between being clever and smart. Clever people respond and act instantaneously, while smart people require more time to evaluate and integrate before responding. This difference is more evident in companies, and especially in IT Service Management.

Yet, you can be both, clever and smart when managing IT Services with a simple solution: Standardize processes by implementing ITIL framework to make governance more efficient in your business.

However, the truth is that many companies are reluctant to take the first step toward implementing ITIL. Either because transitions always present new challenges, or because there is little disposition or training to keep up with change, the fact is that the are many reasons to avoid the paradigm shift.

In this post, we offer 5 Reasons to implement ITIL in your company now, and making IT Service Management a clever and smart move to bring many benefits for your company. After reading, you will only ask yourself why haven’t we implemented ITIL before? We should have done it already!

#5 Organisation

When implementing ITIL to standardize processes, the whole company counts with a complete structure to respond to its business model because:
It unifies criteria and create common documents for activity development.
Avoids task reduplication.
Speeds up projects delivery.
Improves administrative and operational processes.

#4 Costs

Companies usually refrain from implementing ITIL standards due to the costs involved in embracing change.

Regarding this, we point out that while it is necessary to make an investment to implement ITIL standards, it is also true that the costs generated by not having standardized processes are higher. Do you want to lose your opportunities and clients in disorganized processes? We don’t think so.

So, rather than an issue of costs and investments, it is a matter of being clever and smart: What is it better? Saving money now and waste it in the long term… or investing it now in systems that optimize your processes for good? Do the math.

#3 Efficiency

Implementing ITIL standards dramatically improves the efficiency of your processes, IT Service Management and standardization of services because:

Implementar ITILIt focuses your tasks and activities in customer satisfaction, so you offer better products, services and solutions to guarantee your customer satisfaction.

Creates management indicators to evaluate the performance of every element of your operational structure.

Sets up service codes that reinforces your company’s credibility, and increases your customer loyalty.


#2 Flexibility

Despite establishing a common thread to optimize and standardize processes, implementing ITIL standards in the company also provides flexibility to modernize and enrich IT with the business model, especially at the administrative level.

In other words, implementing ITIL standards built a bridge between technology and less related areas to IT, creating a common structure or framework to modernize and optimize all the processes within the company.

#1 Integration

Implementing ITIL standards result in greater integration and consistency in services and processes. It also:
Take advantage of legacy platforms, technologies and applications to optimize delivery times, to improve services and establish common frameworks to meet Service Level Agreements (SLA).
Prior experiences are used as setting on which it is possible to establish improvements.

You can find all these 5 reasons to implement ITIL in your company in complete platforms that will make smoother your transition at reasonable prices, with all the support and commitment that offer the experts.

With GB Advisors Inc., you can be both, clever and smart to invest your efforts, time and resources on tools that will facilitate integration. Get our free advice here.

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