5 customer retention techniques that work

customer retention

customer retentionDo you think you know everything about customer retention? Let’s see about that. 

Gaining new customers is the best thing that can happen to a business, right? Wrong! This is a common mistake that costs a lot of money… so are you ready to work in the one thing that will help your business grow? The best part is that you already have what it takes. 


Customer retention is where you need to start focusing.


Customer retention refers to all the actions taken to retain as many customers as possible. But why and how can you do this? 

Selling your products or services to customers that already know you is more effective than trying to sell your products to someone new. It makes total sense: with a previous customer, you don’t have to spend time on attraction, education and finally conversion. With customer retention, you can skip all those steps.

Of course, you will have to previously deliver a good experience to your customers. Remember that retention starts as soon as you make the first contact between your company and a customer. That’s where the whole customer experience begins and if you do things right it will continue for the longest time possible. 

Customer retention is more efficient and more sustainable. 

Once customers have already shown interest in your business the relationship between your brand, product or service is already established. If your company is just getting started your main goal is to attract all the customers you can, but don’t get too confident with that: as soon as you have a solid amount of those,  you need to work even harder to maintain them. 

Your business will grow if you keep on selling to the customers you already have: Did you know that the probability of a successful sale with an existing client is up to 60%? 

The reason for this is that customers trust in your business. They obviously like what you give them, and they hope to keep getting that. Like we said, once the relationship is established there’s no turning back. Unless you give them a bad experience, and they naturally decide to go with someone else. 

That’s why you need to put your best efforts into customer retention. Existing clients are your treasure, you need to keep them as long as you can. You already know them, and they already know you. There’s no reason for looking somewhere else. 

But retention doesn’t happen on its own. A common mistake in many companies is to believe that because they offer a good product or service customers will stay forever. That may happen, but the reality is that just like everyone else customers like the interest you show in them. 


customer retention



It’s not enough offering a good product, because this is attached to good customer experience, good customer support in case of needing one, a good follow up, and of course a good retention technique. 


5 customer retention techniques that work. 

1. Make feedback a regular thing. 

Feedback can help you be aware of how they really feel about your company. And you can use this valuable information to take action before they leave. In addition, knowing your customers behaviour well enough will help you notice any warning signals. Having a proactive communication between your customers and your business will improve your interactions as they feel more comfortable talking with you.  


2. Personalize special offers. 

This customer retention technique also requires previous knowledge of your customers.  We all love personalization, and today business are really taking this to action. One thing is sending a general email marketing campaign telling your customers about a new product or offer, and whole different thing is having a more personalized approach to each of them: Review your customer purchase history and take notes of the highlights so you can identify interests and create a special discount or something that’s really valuable for that particular customer.  


3. Be available when and where your customers need it.

Customers love speed. That’s why showing them that you’re capable to give them immediate responses to all their requirements at any time is key to make them stay with you.  But, is that possible? Of course, it is! With an omnichannel strategy, you can have all the parts of your company connected: from the customer support team to the sales department. Remember that for succeeding at this customer retention technique all your employees need to deliver consistency during all the customer experience they provide.  


customer retention 4. Implement loyalty programs.


 This is one of the most effective customer retention techniques. Loyalty programs are based on rewarding recurring customers that show engagement with your organization. By doing this you will increase customer loyalty while making sure they keep buying from you.


5. Invest in a customer service tool 

There’s no way of offering good customer support and service without having the right tool for that. Your employees will appreciate this help, and your customers will love the experience they’re getting. Freshdesk is the perfect tool for keeping track of all the aspects of customer service. Its features include a ticketing system, multiple channels for communication such as email, phone, live chat, and social media. Autosuggestion for better responses in your help center, self-service, global support and of course security with encrypted servers. 

Having happy customers is the best way of customer retention. Thanks to Freshdesk you can relax and let it manage all the aspects of your customer service while they enjoy the best experience. 

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