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Integrate Mobile Devices into Your Centralized Vulnerability Management Strategy

posted Apr 18, 2012, 4:09 PM by Alejandro Araujo
More than 80% of employees now use personal smartphones for work-related purposes.  Every day these devices access your network unchecked by your standard vulnerability management processes, even as malware on phones and tablets continues to increase at rapid rates. Leaving mobile security out of your integrated security strategy opens your network to security breaches, data loss, intellectual property theft, and regulatory compliance issues.

Until now, one of the biggest challenges for enterprise security teams was they were unable to centrally manage their mobile assets as they do their traditional ones. Watch the video below to see how Retina CS is solving that problem.

eEye's Mobile Security Technology

eEye's Retina CS management consoles provide insight into users' mobile security. You can see their entire vulnerability profile, prioritize threats, and take steps to remediate security and compliance risks from a central console.
  • Extend vulnerability management to Blackberry devices through the Blackberry Enterprise Server using agent-less technology.
  • Scan, assess, and prioritize mobile application vulnerabilities on Blackberry, Android and ActiveSync-managed devices.
  • Use built-in and custom audits to scan for weaknesses in mobile device hardware, applications, and configurations.
  • Report on mobile device vulnerabilities and demonstrate compliance.

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