IT Operations Management

Total Control over your IT Operations

Many organizations have no knowledge about their IT asset infrastructure, while others have limited visibility of their planned and actual asset inventory. Streamlined IT Operations management can bring down IT costs. IT Asset Management (ITAM) plays a role in helping an organization define and control its IT infrastructure by maintaining data about the historical and current state of all assets.It Asset Management also helps an organization stay compliant with its software licenses, prepare for audits and reduce legal as well as security risks.


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IT Asset Management tools has a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to discover, configure, manage, and secure all of your IT end points.

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Pass software audits with ease

Software Patching

Reduce data vulnerabilities and financial risk through automated software patching

Edge Devices

Know what you have – confidently discover all your clients and edge devices


Intelligently manage your software entitlements – don’t over deploy and don’t over spend