AI and SIEM: Increase the efficiency of your IT Security Team

The battle for security in the digital space has begun. However, it seems we can fight this battle with smarter resources. Learn more about AI and SIEM solutions: a powerful combination that promises to improve your data analysis and threat detection of your system and increase the efficiency of your IT security team.

All you need to know about Data Leak Prevention (DLP) and Compliance to protect your digital assets

In business and operational terms, Data Leak Prevention (DLP) is a challenge that every department must face on a daily basis. Let’s check the options we have to protect and strengthen our systems of their dangers.

criptografía y seguridad informática

Cryptography and Computer Security: The life cycle of keys & passwords and their relationship with your protection

Do you know what’s behind your keys and passwords’ life cycle? How do they became the perfect match to protect your digital environments? Discover the way cryptography and computer security combine to protect you in this post.

normas y estándares internacionales

ISO, COBIT and ITIL: Which international norms & standards best suits to your company?

A certification in international norms & standards (ISO, COBIT, ITIL) gives structure and prestige to any company. If you are in the process of adopting any of them, read this post to pick the best choice for your company.